Friday, October 13, 2017

Cats & People Food Go Together?

The sound of a can opener opening a can of tuna can make the cats come running. The smell of the chicken resting on the kitchen counter can make cats think it’s for them, and look at you like you’re in the wrong when you chase them off.

People food is often a special treat for them, but there are foods other than the usual fish and chicken that cats may like too. Cats’ tastes can be as varied as anyone’s tastes, and they can try new foods (just remember to always check with your veterinarian about dietary changes). Every once in a while, cats will like strange food items such as Doritos or lollipops. They will try to get at them when you are eating them but those will not be vet-approved. On the healthier side, cats may like treats such as:
  •          Green Beans
  •          Sweet Potatoes
  •          Plain low-fat yogurt
  •          Spinach
  •          Blueberries
If you choose to try any of these foods as a treat for your cat, and your vet approves, make sure they are cut into small enough pieces so they don’t choke, and make sure that anything cooked is baked or steamed. These foods shouldn’t replace your cat’s meals, but instead should be given sparingly. They can replace packaged treats. You will also need to make sure your cat doesn’t have any bad reactions to them, so check for digestive or behavioral changes. If the food agrees with your cat, it might help them stay healthy, boost their immune system, and maintain their weight. 

At Morris Animal Inn there are some healthy treats for your cats such as mahi mahi, lobster consommé and other catch o' the day snacks. Ask about it when you make your next reservation for your favorite feline's lodging stay. 


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

My Dog is Chewing Her Paws - Again!

You’ve heard that sound of your dog chewing or licking their paws. You always thought it was a little weird sounding and probably kind of frustrating not knowing what you could do about it. It's something you never thought to really pay attention to.

Dogs actually will lick their paws for a variety of reasons, and cleaning isn’t usually one of them. Some reasons dogs do this is because of: Injury; Habit/Boredom/Anxiety (kind of like humans biting their nails); Allergies; Parasites; Pain; 
Dry Skin and Hormonal imbalances.

Because there are so many reasons for licking paws, it’s important to take your dog to a vet to have her thoroughly examined.  

In addition to the examination, your vet may run some tests to further see what the cause is so that treatment can be prescribed. Treatments can range from anti-fungal medication to antibiotics to special shampoo. Your vet may also recommend trying a new food.

Regardless of the reason, if you know your pet is licking their paws, it’s not just a “frustration” to you, but rather something that is really frustrating your dog, so make sure to get her what she needs.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Peace of Mind Your Cat is Well Cared For

It’s more likely we will lodge our dogs than our cats, but boarding cats is an option too. 

When we lodge our cat, we have someone to monitor and feed them on a regular basis, checking the litter box for regularity, giving them opportunities to play and updating us on how they're doing. We have peace of mind our cat is well-cared for.

At Morris Animal Inn, there are three options of cat lodging:
  • Condos, for one cat, which have two levels in which to play and rest.
  • Deluxe Condos, which have four levels for up to two cats from the same family
  • Luxury Suites, which have multiple levels and climbing areas for up to five cats from the same family.
Each of these allows your cat to have
  • A low-stress environment
  • Separate spacious accommodations
  • Comforts of home and more!
Now, if you can just get the cat out from under the bed and into the carrier, you’ll be all set.