Thursday, November 30, 2017

Something in Common with You & Your Dog

Human beings often make time to work out at a gym or go for a run. Some love it and some do it grudgingly. Most people know that some kind of exercise is important for our bodies, whether or not they follow through with it. As with many of the topics we’ve written about, this is another similarity between humans and our pets.

Throughout history, many dogs have been bred to be working dogs, such as hunting, herding, or protecting. As this is less common but we still have certain breeds of dogs that will need more exercise than others (though all need some).

You might think that if you have a big backyard, your dog is all set. This isn’t the case. Just because someone has a home gym or buys the next exciting exercise equipment from an infomercial doesn’t mean they use it, right?

In order for your dog to get the exercise he or she needs, he or she will need an exercise buddy! Yes, just like some people have accountability partners to go to the gym, your dog needs you or a family member to encourage and assist them with their exercise.
Some ideas of exercise to do with your dog:
  •          Go for a walk or a run—and let the dog lead the adventure.
  •          Play that old standby, fetch.
  •          Have a doggy play date so they can play together.
If you lack the time to be able to exercise your dog yourself, you can always bring them to us for Adventure Playcare or Group Daycare, where we have fun activities, healthy snacks, and even a pool for exercise.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

What are some cat myths you have heard?

Sometimes, we think we know some facts about cats, but it turns out that those facts are actually myths. Even the most ardent cat-lover isn’t immune to believing them.

The first myth that most people probably believe is that cats should drink milk. While it’s true they may love the taste of it, and some are even more partial to whipped cream, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is good for them. They are can possibly be lactose intolerant, just like many humans. You’ll need to find another treat for them.

Another myth that people might believe about cats is that they hate water. While they may not enjoy swimming, cats are actually fascinated by water, especially running water. They may prefer drinking out of the bathroom faucet to their water dish, and even enjoy sitting on the edge of the tub while you take a bath. 

One of the saddest myths is the idea that cats shouldn’t be in homes with pregnant women or babies, because of fears of contracting toxoplasmosis or the cat “stealing” the baby’s breath. Toxoplasmosis can be a risk, but it’s a risk not only from cat litter, but also potentially raw meat or digging in the garden. This is a great time to give someone else in the household the opportunity to learn a new chore of cleaning out the litter box.

And cats don’t steal a baby’s breath. Rather, they just love to cuddle up next to something warm and soft.

Another truth about cats: They love to lodge at Morris Animal Inn!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Aging Pets

You’ve noticed some little things, lately. Maybe they're not jumping up on the couch or bed with you like they used to. Maybe they can’t hear you when you call their name. Maybe your pet seem a little confused or anxious.

We like to think our pets will be around forever, because the thought of them getting older and dying is too hard, but the truth of the matter is that our pets, like us, do age.

Aging can happen before we are ready or aware of it, because dogs don’t live as long as humans, and different breeds will age sooner or later than other breeds.  Larger dogs will age more quickly than smaller dogs, but most might be considered “senior” around the age of seven, with some being considered senior as young as age five.

Because your dog may not outwardly look old, you may not realize that underneath all that fur, there may be medical issues such as arthritis, heart, kidney, or liver disease. These are all common for senior pets, and an exam by your veterinarian can diagnose them and help you understand how to best care for their health.

If your dog is aging and needs a little extra love and care, well, then that’s okay. They are not only your companion, but you are theirs too.