Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Pet Transportation the Safe Way

Do you know that there are safety issues you should consider during pet transportation?

When you have a baby, you often can’t leave the hospital without checking your car for proper car seat installation. Often town car dealerships or police departments will have semi-annual checks, free to the public. Everyone would like their children to be safe, and the same goes for pet transportation.

It might look cute to have your dog sit with their head out the window, or on your lap and look like they’re driving, and yes, other passengers in other cars will get a kick out of it. But it’s not the best and safest way to transport your dogs.

Like human children, dog kids need to be protected while traveling. There are different options for safe pet transportation:
  •          Harnesses
  •          Compartment dividers
  •          Gate
  •          Protective steel grille
Using protective gear for your pets' transportation not only keeps them safe, but relieves some of your worry as well. A recent study by Volvo shows that 94% of pet parents are protective of their pets. 84% think that car safety isn’t talked about enough.

There are a lot of similarities to keeping children and pets safe…but the pets won’t ask “are we there yet?”

Morris Animal Inn does offer pet chauffeur concierge service. When you need your dog or cat safely picked up and transported to Morris Animal Inn safely, give us a call at 973-539-0377 for pet transportation.  

If you're a pet parent in Morristown, NJ area and would like to know more about Morris Animal Inn's award-winning boarding, grooming, training, and daycare services, give us a call. 

Friday, March 23, 2018

Puppy Day Care: They Grow Up So Fast, Don’t They?

Puppies are insanely cute right from the start, but as puppy daycare providers know, they also need constant attention and care right from the start. Puppies spend about 90% of their time sleeping—often with you watching them, waiting for them to wake up. And as they grow they get a little more independent, start to play with toys, get some teeth, and start chewing and playing with toys and running around adorably. 

One day, they seem all grown up, and you wonder where the time went...and then you realize: it’s only been a year since you got your puppy.

Yes, by the age of just one year old, puppies are considered to be adult dogs. The commonly accepted “dog year” math says a one-year-old puppy is seven in human years, but that’s not the case; puppy daycare providers know that in terms of their development, a one-year-old puppy is closer to fifteen in human years. That’s right: Your puppy went from newborn to teenager in one year! 

That’s not the only surprising fact about puppies you may not have known. You can read 101 of them here, but here are a few that stood out for us:
● Puppies can learn more than 1000 words. 
● Puppies can smile. 
● They can be cranky, and need plenty of nap time. 
● No two puppies have the same nose print. 
● They sweat through the pads on their feet. 

Having a puppy is fun; they’re cute and lovable and can bring a lot of joy to your house. But they’re also a big responsibility, and it’s important to tailor your pet parenting to your puppy’s developmental stages, just as you would with human children. At least the teen puppy won’t ask for the keys to the car!  

Because puppies have a short window to develop their socialization skills, consider enrolling them in puppy daycare. It doesn’t just free you up for a few hours—puppy daycare helps your pet learn to interact productively with other dogs, making him/her feel happier and more secure. Give us a call to find out more!

If you're a pet parent in the Morristown, NJ area and would like to know more about Morris Animal Inn's award-winning boarding, grooming, training, and daycare services, give us a call. 973-539-0377

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Fever. Sniffles. Coughing. Body Aches. Chills.

It is that time of the year that we are hearing a lot about the human symptoms of the flu. It is a good time to be reminded that Canines can have their own strain of the flu.

If you’ve ever called Morris Animal Inn, you’ve most likely heard, “your dog needs the Canine Influenza Vaccination!”  “Canine Influenza, what is that?
The Canine Influenza is highly contagious and can be transmitted by infected dogs prior to them showing any symptoms. Typically, it is airborne, passed by dog to dog contact, or via people’s hands or clothing. Signs closely resemble a common respiratory syndrome known as Canine Cough, and may include:
  • Nasal discharge
  • High fever
  • A soft gagging cough of 10-14 days.
80 to 90 percent of those exposed will contract the virus even if they don’t show symptoms, making it almost impossible to totally prevent any dog from being exposed. Approximately 20 percent of the dogs may exhibit additional symptoms such as:
  •  Loss of appetite
  •  Lethargy
  •  And potentially Pneumonia (if not treated)
The dogs most at risk are dogs exposed to places where there are many animals like parks, dog parks, pet stores, dog shows, doggie daycare or boarding. The virus is similar to flu in people where it is the very young and the old that are most severely affected.

There is not currently any reports of Canine Influenza in New Jersey that we are aware of, however, there have been cases reported in other states. With the social nature of our pets today, it is always a good idea to be prepared by keeping your pet’s vaccinations updated.

The best way to treat the flu is to prevent severe symptoms with the specialized vaccination. We strive for nothing but the best for you and your pup; this is why we require the Canine Influenza vaccine. Your pet’s health and happiness is our number one priority and we will continue to be a leader in the pet care industry to give your pets the best possible care during their time at Morris Animal Inn. Your dog will thank you when he can continue to play while his friends in the neighborhood may be at home sick in bed!
Your pet’s health and happiness is always our main concern.