Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Memorial Day weekend will soon be  upon us ushering in the ensuing summer months of popsicles, sunburn, and bathing suits worn like second-skins, so get ready! But before the festivities begin, take time to dog proof your house and backyard to ensure your Memorial Day Celebrations run smoothly for both you and your furry guests.

If your celebration is outdoors in the backyard, make sure to mow the lawn and scoop any of your dog’s eliminations so no one steps onto a smelly surprise in your backyard. Have pooper scoopers available throughout the day to prevent this from happening.

If your pool is open for the summer, make sure there is always a lifeguard on duty to watch youngsters and water-loving dogs. Some dogs can be excellent swimmers but can have trouble finding their way out of the pool or may wear themselves out. Investing in doggie life-jackets is always a safe and an excellent idea.

Make sure that alcoholic beverages are not lying on the ground or the edges of picnic tables within easy reach of your curious canine. Any type of alcoholic beverage is potentially poisonous to pets. Other foods you should never let your canine ingest are grapes, chocolate, and onions all of which can be poisonous to dogs. Since your grill will most likely be fired up and an abundance of meat will be floating around, protect the food from prying wet noses and flies with mesh food tents that open up like an umbrella to fit over wide platters of food. Tell guests to keep food scrap feeding to a minimum so that your dog does not get sick from too much grub and indulgent food that he or she is not accustomed to eating on a regular basis.

The later your party runs, the more likely mosquitoes will show up as extra guests you did not bargain for. Preventative measures such as citronella candles and bug spray can be used, but must be monitored. You do not want your dog to get anywhere near these substances as they can be toxic for Fido.

With family and friends coming and going, it is likely that a door or gate might be left open. Keep a vigilant eye on the exits to prevent this from happening and tell all of your guests to do the same. Make sure that your pet has identification on, like a collar with identification tags.

If the thought of keeping an eye on your dog, let alone cooking and cleaning for a large group of guests stresses you out, or your travel plans are taking you far from home, you can always bring your pup to Morris Animal Inn where we can help Fido or Fluffy celebrate the federal holiday in safety and style!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Tick and Flea Prevention

Oh no! Not ticks and fleas!
What are two five letter words that pet owners never want to think about? Ticks and fleas of course! Unfortunately, as the weather warms up, flea and tick populations increase and become an unpleasant reality. How can you tell if your pet has fleas or ticks and what can you do when faced with this situation?

Not to worry, Morris Animal Inn has got you covered with the best advice on handling this situation.

Critter Identification
American Dog Tick
Photo Courtesy of jkirkhart35
There are three different types of ticks prevalent in New Jersey: the deer tick, the Lone star Tick, and the American Dog tick. Deer ticks are the smallest and are black in color. The deer tick is a transmitter of Lyme disease. The American Dog tick is much larger in size, looks like a white or grey kernel of corn when engorged, and is the tick that is most frequently encountered. The American Dog Tick can be a transmitter of the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. The Lone star tick can be identified by the white spot on its back but is less common in this area.
Fleas appear as small red or black dots about the size of a pinhead and can be found on any part of the body, but tend to congregate around the neck and tail area of cats and dogs.

Preventative Measures
Ticks tend to favor wooded areas with overgrown grass. After every hike or walk with your dog, take the time to diligently scan his or her body for ticks. Use a brush or a flea/tick comb to slowly comb through the hair. If any fleas or ticks were on your dog’s body, it would get trapped in the fine tines of the comb. It is important to speak with your veterinarian about the best preventative measure but for owners convenience Morris Animal Inn carries Frontline for all size dogs and would be happy to administer the application.

What do you do if you find a tick on your dog’s body? Use tweezers to pull the tick straight out, do not twist. Try not to grab the tick’s body but rather the mouthparts attached to your pet. Drop the tick in a jar of alcohol to kill it. If you want to be sure it is not a disease carrying deer tick, bring the tick preserved in alcohol to your local veterinarian to have it examined. Simply flushing a tick down the toilet will not kill it. Clean the bite wound with antiseptic.
Fleas are less dangerous than ticks but are much more annoying. As soon as a flea sucks blood it is able to reproduce and will soon lay eggs. To completely eradicate fleas from your pet and your home it is crucial to wash all bedding where your dog or cat sleeps in hot soapy water. Vacuum the entire house making sure to focus on baseboards and the corners of every room. Seal the vacuum bag in a plastic trash bag and either freeze it or pour flea powder into the bag to ensure the fleas do not return and then dispose in an outdoor trash receptacle. It may take several weeks to entirely wipe out those pesky fleas so continue to wash bedding, rugs, and pillows and become a vigilant with your vacuuming. If these natural solutions prove ineffective after several weeks, it may be time to invite an exterminator over. Just make sure that whatever fogger or spray is used contains an IGR, or insect growth regulator, to exterminate the flea in all its life cycles, from larva to adult.

To remove fleas from Fluffy or Fido, wash them in hot soapy water. There are many natural remedies out there that you may want to try before resorting to flea shampoos which contain harsh chemicals but may later prove to be necessary. Discuss your options with your veterinarian to determine the best and safest solution for your pet. If needed, Morris Animal Inn does provide flea shampooing.
Armed with these tips, you’ll be able to show any tick or flea whose boss!

What tick and flea remedies have you found most effective?

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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Truth About Treadmills

http://www.metaphoricalplatypus.com/ via flickr

Treadmills: you may hate them with the wrath of Achilles or simply use them to hang clothes on, but there's now an even better use for them! Stop avoiding your treadmill and utilize it for your dog--you won't even have to break a sweat (only Fido will)! Read on for tips to help your fuzzy friend transition to the treadmill.

Why the Treadmill?
Why the treadmill you ask? Aside from the snow, rain and heat, juggling poop bags, holding an umbrella or toting boots isn't always ideal. But with a treadmill, your precious pooch never has to miss out on his or her daily walk! In addition, dogs that could stand to lose a few pounds are easier to get onto a treadmill than dragging them out into the elements. Just ask your veterinarian to provide you with some fitness or weight loss goals based on your pet's current fitness level, age and breed before beginning any serious exercise regimen.

The Little Engine That Could
Treadmills are a wonderful fitness resource for high-energy dogs. They provide an extra outlet of activity and allow you to push your spunky pal to the next level by simply increasing the treadmill speed. If your dog gets bored at home and begins to adopt unfavorable habits, it might be time to offer more engaging options for your canine and a treadmill might be just the ticket!

The Professional
Ready, Set, Go!
Start by getting your dog to stand on the treadmill and then immediately provide a treat. Once your dog is interested in the treadmill, turn it on with your dog standing near the treadmill and then provide another treat. It is not unusual for dogs to initially be frightened by the whirring sound of the treadmill so have patience and space this adjustment period out over a couple days. Before your first treadmill session, make sure your dog's stomach is empty and provide a "potty break". When you're ready to roll, keep your dog on a leash and hold it in your hand as you start the treadmill at a slow speed. Lure your dog forward with a treat and reward with words of praise. Eventually, the praise should suffice for treats and your dog will be on his or her way to a great fitness routine!

The Treadmill at Morris Animal Inn
Morris Animal Inn is very excited about our treadmill from Fit Fur Life. Designed with your pet's safety in mind, the Professional, has wire meshing on the sides to ensure your dog stays on track and the added feature of a harness, which attaches to the mesh sides, will keep any dog upright and safe. Fitness at Morris Animal Inn has never been better!

Let us know how you think your dog would do on the treadmill!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Royal RUFF-ians!

Now that the royal wedding is officially over, along with the pageantry and fan fare, we can all take off our fancy hats and wrap up the Union Jack cupcakes. But wait! It doesn’t have to stop there! Have you forgotten the most royal member of your family?! For pet owners, it goes without saying that our tail wagging friends are always princes and princesses in our eyes, maybe not of England but certainly of the house! Let’s keep the celebration alive and reward them as such. Though Morris Animal Inn is miles from the U.K, we make it simple to pamper your cats and dogs as though they were the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge any day of the week.

Spa Day
Luxury and fun go hand in hand. Drop your prince or princess off at Morris Animal Inn for a day of activity, play, and pampering. Your dog will receive one on one time with their own Activities Counselor and can go for a jaunty stroll on our nature trail or play and cuddle in our indoor play suites. There’s even time for rest and relaxation in their own private suite where they will be provided with a tasty treat at snack time.

Aqua Massage
From all that playing at Morris Animal Inn, your royal highness could sure use a massage to soothe those weary muscles! Acquaint your dog with the world of water for the ultimate spa experience with our Aqua Massage. Your pooch will be suspended in warm water with eight adjustable jets designed to loosen tight joints. How pawsitively relaxing!

The Princess and the Pea
No need to double up on mattresses at Morris Animal Inn. Our Premium Beds are thick and specifically designed to provide maximum comfort and support. Even princesses wouldn’t feel a pea when lounging on this upgrade option.

Fairytale Storytime
Ensure your special ones go to bed with visions of fairy tales dancing in their heads by asking for our Tuck-In Service. A minty dental treat will accompany your pup's bedtime story as they slumber in dreamland.

Kitty Carriage Rides!
We know your cat loves basking in sunlight streaming through the windows so why don’t you allow Fluffy the unique experience of exploring our sunny nature trail from the coolest ride around, the Kitty SUV! An Activities Counselor will push your feline friend around our fenced in yards in the Kitty SUV which is safe and completely enclosed with large viewing windows fit for the royal promenade of a king or a queen!

How do you pamper your cat or dog?