Friday, July 28, 2017

A Dog's Good Outlook on Life

Sometimes, we like to pamper ourselves. Whether it’s a regular appointment or a weekend away at a spa, we like to get our hair and nails done. It helps us feel relaxed and gives us a good outlook on life.

We look and feel better when we care for ourselves, and the same goes for our dogs.
Our pets need regular grooming in order to not only keep them looking good, but to keep them healthy too.

Some of the common, regular grooming that dogs should have are: trimmed toenails, taking care of matted fur, cleaning their ears, regular bathing and teeth brushing.

Because our pets can’t talk to us to communicate, keeping them groomed well can help us to identify any problems they may have and prevent problems as well. For example, ear cleaning can help prevent ear infections, and a good blow dry can prevent matted fur, which helps more air get to the dog’s skin. You’ll also be able to be aware of any skin abnormalities if your dog’s fur is groomed well. Regular teeth brushing can not only help with bad breath, but can help to prevent future problems with a dog’s heart and kidneys that can occur if infections are not found and treated.

While these are just a few of the ways grooming can be beneficial to a dog’s health, it’s important to learn more about how to keep your dog healthy. Ask your vet or pet groomer if there’s anything specific to your breed or size of dog that you should consider.

At Morris Animal Inn, we can assist with your regular grooming needs for your dog. Reach out to us so we could help maintain your dog's good outlook on life. 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Dum dum da dum, dum dum da dum…

The traditional wedding march with the bride walking down the aisle is still a staple at many weddings, but what’s new at weddings is the inclusion of pets in the ceremony.
Celebrities have been doing it—you can see pictures of the pets included in the last few years in the weddings of Adam Sandler, Gene Simmons, Miranda Lambert, Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Aniston and others—and other people have been catching on to the idea too. Earlier this year, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s Puli Sheepdog, Beast, walked bride Priscilla Chan down the aisle at the couple’s surprise wedding.

It’s one of the most important days in a person’s life, and because pets are important to people also, they are being included in that most important day. In a time when many weddings end up blending human families together, pets are also a part of that family blending.

If you want to include your pets in your wedding, we are here to help you. Our new wedding service will help you to plan out how to get your pets to and from the wedding, and even give them a little pampering of their own.

Having your dogs as part of your wedding celebration can be great fun for everyone—just don’t let them drink the champagne. 

Friday, July 14, 2017

What's Making Your Dog or Cat Sick?

You know what it’s like to feel sick. You ate the wrong thing, or have a virus that wreaks havoc on your intestines.

Did you know your dog or cat can feel the same way? 

Our pet kids are important to us, but they can’t always tell us when they are sick. We need to be tuned in to their normal behavior and habits in order to know when something is “off” with them. When in doubt, call your veterinarian and take your canine or feline in for a checkup.

Giardia is a parasite that can live in your pet’s intestines. It usually happens more in puppies than older dogs, but can happen to any dog or cat. This parasite is picked up by drinking water or something else that has been contaminated with feces. If they have this parasite and becomes sick from it, the disease is called giardiasis, resulting in diarrhea, weight loss, poor condition and potentially death if not treated.

If your pet does have giardiasis, your vet will probably prescribe medication and a follow-up appointment will be necessary. When the medication is finished, you’ll want to take the following precautions:
  • ·         Bathe & rinse your pet (wear gloves & do the hind end last)
  • ·         Disinfect food bowls and toys
  • ·         Steam clean upholstery and carpeting
  • ·         Disinfect hard surfaces

Because a dog is contagious while they have Giardia, even as they are going through treatment, you will want to limit your pet’s contact with other dogs and humans. If your pet attends a group play environment such as dog daycare or dog parks it may be necessary to keep them home for a few weeks so other dogs are not at risk. 

You’ll also want to make sure your other pets, if you have them, do not also have the parasite.

With proper diagnosis and treatment, your dog or cat should be feeling better in a couple of weeks and can resume all social activities. 

Friday, July 7, 2017

Share or Not Share Your Bed with Your Dog?

Pets are part of the family. But does that mean all family members should share the same bed?

The AKC found that 21% of dog owners let their dogs sleep with them to help keep them warm. They also learned that those who do let their dogs sleep with them have less room in bed for themselves because the dog takes up more space.

While it can be fun and comforting to cuddle with your pet, if your dog is taking up more space than you are, you might not be getting as good a night’s sleep as you should. You also need to be sure that your dog isn’t carrying any fleas or ticks, or that a small dog won’t be injured. Train your dog early on whether you want them to sleep with you or not ... otherwise they just might start telling you where YOU are going to sleep. 

If you decide against letting your dog sleep with you, you can teach your dog to stay off and go to their own bed. This will take some time, patience, and plenty of treats. You’ll need to lure your dog to his bed into a down position, give the bed a name, such as bed, and reward the dog when he lies down. You can get the detailed instructions from the AKC. This can be helpful in keeping your dog off of other furniture, as well.

Make sure though, that your dog’s bed is special for him, comfortable, and warm, with some great toys, so that he’ll want to go there.