Friday, July 28, 2017

A Dog's Good Outlook on Life

Sometimes, we like to pamper ourselves. Whether it’s a regular appointment or a weekend away at a spa, we like to get our hair and nails done. It helps us feel relaxed and gives us a good outlook on life.

We look and feel better when we care for ourselves, and the same goes for our dogs.
Our pets need regular grooming in order to not only keep them looking good, but to keep them healthy too.

Some of the common, regular grooming that dogs should have are: trimmed toenails, taking care of matted fur, cleaning their ears, regular bathing and teeth brushing.

Because our pets can’t talk to us to communicate, keeping them groomed well can help us to identify any problems they may have and prevent problems as well. For example, ear cleaning can help prevent ear infections, and a good blow dry can prevent matted fur, which helps more air get to the dog’s skin. You’ll also be able to be aware of any skin abnormalities if your dog’s fur is groomed well. Regular teeth brushing can not only help with bad breath, but can help to prevent future problems with a dog’s heart and kidneys that can occur if infections are not found and treated.

While these are just a few of the ways grooming can be beneficial to a dog’s health, it’s important to learn more about how to keep your dog healthy. Ask your vet or pet groomer if there’s anything specific to your breed or size of dog that you should consider.

At Morris Animal Inn, we can assist with your regular grooming needs for your dog. Reach out to us so we could help maintain your dog's good outlook on life. 


  1. Yes surely we should take care of our pet on regular basis. They can not communicate with us but they can feel.
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  2. Could you please tell me after how many days we should have to trimmed their nails ?
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    1. Thank you for your inquiry. Give us a call at 973-539-0377 to discuss your pet's needs.