Friday, June 30, 2017

Prepare Your Dog for July 4th

Grilled hot dogs and hamburgers. Potato chips. Cold drinks. Red, white and blue d├ęcor. You’ve been busy getting ready for a long 4th of July weekend, but in all the food and event planning, you may have forgotten one thing: your dog.

While we humans love seeing fireworks explode in the sky and their bright colors trickle down, our pets are not always so happy about them. While there may be the occasional dog who tries to chase after them, many dogs are fearful of fireworks.

As much as we treat our dogs like family, they are not human after all, and don’t have the understanding that we do about the temporary nature of fireworks. Some people think it’s just like a thunderstorm to dogs, that’s not actually the case. There are weather changes prior to a storm that can clue a dog in that something different is happening. With fireworks, it’s very sudden and sporadic.

If you haven’t acclimated your dog to loud noises when he or she was a puppy, not all is lost. There are a few things you can try in order to keep your dog comfortable during fireworks:   

  • Play loud noises in the days and weeks leading up to the fireworks.
  • Act normal with them when they are afraid to show them they don’t have to stay afraid.
  • Keep the dog inside with the TV on to minimize outside noise.
  • Play with your dog during the fireworks.
  • Let them go to an area of your home where they already feel safe and secure.
  • Bring them to Morris Animal Inn for lodging.
Whichever you choose, have a safe and happy fourth of July!

Monday, June 26, 2017

The Benefits of Training Your Dog

There are different (and often cute) names for puppy training: puppy kindergarten, obedience school, and our own Manners Daycare and Canine Training Camp.

Regardless of what it’s called, training your dog has benefits—for both the dog and the owner.

Training should start as soon as possible when someone gets their dog. This helps the dog and owner learn how to work well together and bond with each other.

A dog well-trained has the freedom to go just about anywhere; more stores or businesses may allow the dog inside and the dog also won’t have to be hidden away when company comes to visit. The well-trained dog knows that you are the leader and will listen and behave better.

In addition to being better behaved, going through obedience training is good for both the dog and you. Training can promote the following:

·         Stress Relief
·         Exercise
·         Improve your mood (and the dog’s mood)
·         Higher quality of life together
·         Build a better bond with each other
·         Entertainment

Many people consider dogs to be part of their families. Just as children are taught about life and how to navigate through it through the use of rules, dogs too can be taught. It will make for happier and less chaos all around, for both the dog and the people who love it. 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Cat's Meow

You see it move, slightly, out of the corner of your eye.

Your attention is caught.

It moves again. You are vigilant, watching it closely to see what it will do next.

Your entire body is taut, ready to move.

It moves again, and you pounce.

You are a cat who just caught a toy your person has bought for you. You don’t care that you are entertainment for them; you just love the thrill of the hunt. And you know they are happy you aren’t taking this time to knock stuff onto the floor or attack them as they innocently wander past your lair.

Cats have a need to hunt, but with their indoor lifestyle, amid the cozy blankets and soft places, they often don’t get as much of an opportunity as they would like to be able to exercise those instincts they have.

The good news is that there are a number of toys—both for sale and that you can find at home—for cats that will keep them occupied and interested, such as a wand with feathers, a crumpled paper or foil ball, the red light of a laser pen (just make sure to not shine it in the cat’s eyes). Even an empty paper bag after you’ve brought home the groceries is fun for cats.

Remember that there are certain items that are not good for your cat to play with: paper clips, rubber bands, plastic bags, string, anything chewable.

Another great reason to stimulate your cat with play is that it is a bonding experience for both of you—and maybe even reduces your boredom as well.

If you need help keeping your kitty entertained, bring them to us to lodge. We have kitty chaser games, teaser sessions, a kitty playroom, kitty TV and more prey activities which is the “cat’s meow”! 

Kitty on the Prowl Video