Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year, New You...For your Pet Too!

The countdown to the new year has begun, and its the perfect time to get motivated for 2016! This year, try including your pet in your New Year's Resolutions. Get inspired to try new things and accomplish your goals with your best friend by your side!

Get Healthy
This is a resolution we've heard time and time again. If you've been unsuccessful in making healthy changes in years past, consider having your dog join in on your journey to get healthy in 2016. As your dog improves their overall health, you'll feel motivated to meet your own goals. A perfect way to get your pup started is by signing them up for our Canine Cleanse in January 2016. The event includes canine cardio sessions, doggie detox drinks, and daily spa treatments! 

Try Something New
The new year is also a great chance to try something brand new. For you, it could be learning to kayak, playing softball with friends or taking an art class. For your pet, Morris Animal Inn has tons of new activities for them to try out in 2016. Test out the waters with a Splish Splash Session in our indoor pool or become an artist with our Pi-Cat-So iPad game

Get a New Look
Encourage yourself to take risks in the new year. Get an edgy hair cut or freshen up your wardrobe. Include your pet in this transformation at Morris Animal Inn's grooming salon. Try out a new hair style or simply treat them to a blueberry facial! 

Learn a New Skill
Whether its learning a language or taking up photography, challenge yourself to learn a new skill in 2016. Your pup can sharpen their skills right along with you by focusing on basic obedience training with the trainers at Morris Animal Inn. 

Visit the Doctor
Your overall health, as well as your pet's, is definitely a resolution that should be on your list. The start of a new year is a perfect reminder to contact your local veterinarian and schedule an annual check up. 

We wish you a year of happiness, health and fun for both you and your beloved pets!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Why Morris Animal Inn Guests Love the Holidays

Are you having as much fun as your pet is having at Morris Animal Inn this Christmas? Here's what our guests will be up to during the holiday...

Getting fit and having fun on our canine cardio treadmill. 

Being silly and playing games with friends. 

Letting out their creative kitty side. 

Getting a spa experience at our grooming salon to return home clean, happy and healthy.

We hope your holiday is filled with fun and family! 
As for your furry family members, they will be enjoying all of the love and luxury that Morris Animal Inn has to offer this Christmas! 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Perfect Present for Your Pet

After you've checked all of your family and friends off your gift list, don't forget to treat your furry family member this holiday. Here's 7 reasons why Morris Animal Inn is the perfect present for your pet!

1. Every doggie deserves a spa day.
Give your dog a spa day at Morris Animal Inn this holiday. They can enjoy a blueberry facial, brush out with scented shampoo, and a brand new hairdo for the new year!

2. Pups can sharpen their skills with a training session.
Our trainers use positive reward-based training, which is proven to produce happy dogs who are willing to work and learn new behaviors. 

3. Doggie daycare is a chance to see old friends and make new ones
Morris Animal Inn offers both private and group daycare. Your dog can come in for the day to get one on one love and attention from our staff, or enjoy some fun and games with dogs of similar size and play style. We cater your dog's daycare activities to what they like best!

5. Pool parties at Morris Animal Inn are year-round.
Treat your pup to a Splish Splash Session in our indoor pool. Play poolside or go for a dip. Each session also includes a post-swim blow dry, so your pooch stays comfy and warm after their pool party.

6. A Canine Cardio session is a great way to start 2016 off right.
Customize a workout for your furry family member with a Canine Cardio session. Going for a jog on our treadmill is a great way to get your pup feeling fit and refreshed. Ask about our Canine Cleansea week long health and wellness getaway in January 2016! 

7. Show your kitty some love! 
Give your kitty the gift of luxury this holiday. Our feline guests can hang out in their luxury suite and watch TV, climb and scratch in our kitty play room, or play and pounce during a curious kitty chaser game. 

A Morris Animal Inn Gift Card is the perfect holiday gift for all of the dogs and cats on your list! Call 973-539-0377 to find out more. 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Get Inspired: The Perfect Name for Your Pet

Bringing home a pet is an exciting time for the whole family. After making the decision to add a new furry family member, your next big decision is choosing their name. Picking a name that fits your pet can be very difficult, because there are so many possibilities. Here's some unique names to inspire you to select the perfect name for your kitty or pup!

Historical names

"Fidelity" is a great name that refers to one of Theodore Roosevelt's horses. It also relates to loyalty and faithfulness.

"Cleopatra" is the name of a famous Egyptian Pharaoh, and means "glory of the father." This is a great name for a a regal and beloved female pet. 

Names with a hidden meaning

"Kendi" means "loved one."

"Sonny" translates to "our son." 

Classic names

"Dixie" is defined as "from the south of the United States." This is a great name for a four-legged southern belle!

"Fido" is a classic name that means "faithful" or "loyal." Abraham Lincoln had a retriever mix named Fido, so your dog would be in good company with this name!

Names for a pair of pets

If you adopted siblings or best friends, consider the following names:

"Bonnie and Clyde" were the names of a criminal duo and could be a perfect description of two trouble making dogs. 

"Romeo and Juliet" were characters in a Shakespearean love tragedy and could be the perfect name for a male and female pair of pets. 

Names based on personality

Consider waiting until your dog or cat gets settled in their new home, and let them name themselves! Once you get to know your new best friend, you can choose their name based on their personality traits. 

"Barkley" is perfect for a dog that loves to bark.

"Happy" is a distinct name for a pup that is always in a good mood!

Quirky names

Based on a list by Pet Insurance, some of the wackiest names of 2015 include:

Baron Von Furry Pants

Artoo Dogtoo

Abigail Carmichael Spartacus

Smiley Cyrus

Nutmeg Spice O'Paris

Although naming your new dog can feel like an overwhelming task, try and have fun with the process. Whether you settle on a classic name or a quirky one, your pet has found their forever home, and that is really all that matters!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Best Dog for Your Lifestyle

Getting a dog is a life long commitment,so it's important to do as much research as possible before bringing a new addition into your family. Consider the following factors to help you make the best decision when opening your heart and home to a dog.

The amount of space you have
Take into consideration how much space your new dog will need. If you have an apartment, adopting a small dog like a Chihuahua may be the right choice. However, if you live in a large home with a fenced-in yard, a bigger dog like a Golden Retriever could be a great fit! 

The amount of time you have
If you work long hours, or have limited time to spend with your new pet, avoid getting a dog that requires a lot of activity. If you enjoy going on hikes or jogging with your pup, a high energy dog would be perfect for your lifestyle. 

The dog's grooming needs
A dog's coat and grooming needs should be a relevant factor when choosing the right dog for you. All dogs should be groomed regularly. However, some breeds require more intensive or specific grooming. For example, a long haired breed, like a Shih Tzu, would need consistent brushing. Other breeds require less maintenance. Whether it be a simple bath for your Lab or a detailed haircut for your Poodle, visit Morris Animal Inn's grooming salon to keep your pet's coat healthy and clean!

The dog's temperament
Are you looking for a dog who is friendly with strangers, or a protective dog that is loyal only to his owners? Do you require a dog that is good around kids, or do you have a cat or another dog that your new pup needs to get along with? Answer these questions to make sure you are choosing a dog with personality traits and temperament that fit your lifestyle.

The dog's age
Although it might be tempting to become overwhelmed by a puppy's cuteness, you should consider the level of commitment that goes into raising a puppy before getting one. Puppies have a lot of energy and need consistent interaction. Raising a puppy also means house training and obedience training, which require plenty of patience and time. Consider adopting an adult dog if you do not have the lifestyle that is necessary for raising a puppy. Adult dogs are often house trained and can be much calmer than a puppy. 

The wonderful thing about dogs is that they come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. So, take the time to do research before finding your new best friend to ensure a happy future for you and your pet!

Take this quiz to find out which dog breed is best for you.