Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Perfect Present for Your Pet

After you've checked all of your family and friends off your gift list, don't forget to treat your furry family member this holiday. Here's 7 reasons why Morris Animal Inn is the perfect present for your pet!

1. Every doggie deserves a spa day.
Give your dog a spa day at Morris Animal Inn this holiday. They can enjoy a blueberry facial, brush out with scented shampoo, and a brand new hairdo for the new year!

2. Pups can sharpen their skills with a training session.
Our trainers use positive reward-based training, which is proven to produce happy dogs who are willing to work and learn new behaviors. 

3. Doggie daycare is a chance to see old friends and make new ones
Morris Animal Inn offers both private and group daycare. Your dog can come in for the day to get one on one love and attention from our staff, or enjoy some fun and games with dogs of similar size and play style. We cater your dog's daycare activities to what they like best!

5. Pool parties at Morris Animal Inn are year-round.
Treat your pup to a Splish Splash Session in our indoor pool. Play poolside or go for a dip. Each session also includes a post-swim blow dry, so your pooch stays comfy and warm after their pool party.

6. A Canine Cardio session is a great way to start 2016 off right.
Customize a workout for your furry family member with a Canine Cardio session. Going for a jog on our treadmill is a great way to get your pup feeling fit and refreshed. Ask about our Canine Cleansea week long health and wellness getaway in January 2016! 

7. Show your kitty some love! 
Give your kitty the gift of luxury this holiday. Our feline guests can hang out in their luxury suite and watch TV, climb and scratch in our kitty play room, or play and pounce during a curious kitty chaser game. 

A Morris Animal Inn Gift Card is the perfect holiday gift for all of the dogs and cats on your list! Call 973-539-0377 to find out more. 

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