Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Itch They Can't Scratch? Itchy Pets May Have Seasonal Allergies

Spring is finally in the air, which means flowers, green trees, and… allergies. Many humans suffer from itchy noses and watery eyes this time of year, but did you know your pet can experience seasonal allergies, too? As much as they love getting to play outside, your dog or cat could be reacting to all this pollen just as badly as you are.

The trick is, you won’t know if your furry friend is suffering this time of year just from a typical cough or sneeze. As Dr. Karen Becker, Blogger at Healthy Pets, explains, pet allergy symptoms can be observed through skin irritation, unlike the human respiratory response. This condition, called allergic dermatitis, causes dogs and cats to have itchy skin that they literally cannot scratch enough. Their ears may bother them more than usual, due to inflammation in the ear canals. You may notice your pet not only scratching, but biting at their skin and feet or rubbing up against walls, furniture, the carpet or something else. There are also few human-like symptoms to watch for, such as puffiness around the eyes or redness of the eyes, mouth, or paws.

If you notice these symptoms, which could be followed by tender inflamed skin and even hair loss or scabbing, there are numerous steps you can take towards giving your pet relief. A veterinarian can test for specific allergies, but you can provide immediate relief through regular foot soaks and baths.

Think about it; your doctor tells you to shower morning and night to help remove the allergens, right? The same goes for your pet. Soaking their feet can help reduce the amount of allergens that your pet tracks around the house, and baths with a grain free shampoo will wash away the pollen that is stuck to your pet’s skin.

At Morris Animal Inn’s Grooming Salon and Spa, we offer Berry Clean Tropiclean shampoo baths which can help relieve pets of their seasonal symptoms. This soothing, all-natural dog and cat shampoo helps to replenish skin’s moisture and will leave your pet squeaky clean and itch-free. We also offer paw soaks which helps to moisturize their paws as well. Call to book your pet’s refreshing bath today: 973-539-0377!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Morris Animal Inn voted one of New Jersey's Best Places to Work

At Morris Animal Inn, we have always focused on treating our canine and feline guests with the best possible service. Now, our facility has been recognized for treating its people well, too! Morris Animal Inn has been named one of the Best Places to Work in New Jersey for 2013 by NJBIZ Magazine.

One of 62 small or medium-sized companies to make the top 100 list, Morris Animal Inn and our lodging, grooming and daycare services have been highlighted by NJBIZ Magazine. Check out an article about it from The Daily Record here.

It is such an honor to be recognized by NJBIZ, a distinction we owe to our enthusiastic staff and guests. Our employees are devoted to providing top quality pet care and love working with animals, a passion that really shows in their daily work. We all know how important our guests are to their families, and believe that our jobs include more than just keeping visiting cats and dogs healthy. When our suites are filled with happy pets, it makes us happy, too.

To our clients, thank you! Your support allows us to work in this fun and innovative environment, where your pets’ bright eyes and perky ears help make our days a little brighter.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Doggie Daycare Parties for a Worthy Cause

Canines in Cancun Doggie Daycare will be
complete with souvenir photos and non-
alcoholic doggie beers to take home!

We’re getting our fiesta on! Tomorrow is our Canines in Cancun Daycare event, complete with swimming, souvenirs, photos, and of course, festive snacks. As we pamper our guests with canine quesadillas, we will also be collecting food for our human friends to donate to Morris County’s own Interfaith Food Pantry.


Interfaith’s goal is twofold; to provide access to food, nutrition education and resources for people in need and to educate the public about hunger issues and how to help. At Morris Animal Inn, we’ve set our own goal of giving back whenever we can. This time, we are proud to help contribute to the Interfaith Food Pantry’s important mission by turning Canines in Cancun into Canines with a Cause.

In the past, we’ve raised donations for a range of organizations, from fellow animal supporters to non-profits, including: Saint Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center, Eleventh Hour Rescue, Make-A-Wish New Jersey and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Our guests have gone above and beyond to help us make an impact for these worthy causes, all of which are in need of our support.

Many food pantries often experience unbalanced donations. Interfaith sees an influx of contributions around the holiday season, for example, but less during this time of year. We encourage our guests to help us break this cycle by bringing non-perishable food items between 7 am and 7 pm tomorrow, Thursday, March 14. Every soup can, box of pasta and jar of peanut butter counts! For more information on what Interfaith Food Pantry needs most, visit Bring your donations and join us for a virgin margarita toast as we celebrate Canines in Cancun.

Call to register for Canines in Cancun today : 973-539-0377

Friday, March 8, 2013

Belle's Final Days of Canine Fit Camp at Morris Animal Inn

What a wonderful journey it has been at Morris Animal Inn! It was a commitment I made to be healthy and fit and I did it. Now I need to continue this journey even after my last day of fitness camp.

I have to admit that I was a little sad to leave the program because I had one-on-one counseling, support, new friends, great workouts, met my Valentine named Leo...hmmm... but at the same time, I think I am ready to continue this on my own. Being at Morris Animal Inn gave me a jumpstart to good health. I recommend that if you need to get healthy and fit that you give their doggie fit camp a try. Definitely worth it. If you see me running outside and rolling over, I am doing this purposely so everyone can see my new physique from my front end to my back end. :)

In case this is the first time you are checking in, my name is Belle, I am a fiesty two-year-old Bloodhound who came to Morris Animal Inn from Eleventh Hour Rescue three times a week for a month to get healthy and fit. I was at 124.8lbs but have lost more than 10lbs.

A huge thank you to all who have supported and followed me on my journey. I appreciated it so much. If I get a chance, I will stop in to let you know how I am doing. For now, wish me luck...Yeah!