Friday, February 28, 2014

Mardi-Paws Party at Morris Animal Inn

On March 4th, Morris Animal Inn is hosting a Mardi Gras festival on four paws, and it will be a day for your pet to remember!

Pups and their owners will be transported to New Orleans from the moment they arrive on the premises, where dogs will celebrate until the time they depart to go home. Be welcomed by purple, yellow and green decorations, along with street signs directing you towards Bourbon and Decatur Streets. Your dog will spend the day at our Mardi-Paws Dog Daycare Party celebrating all of the Mardi Gras traditions; donning colorful beads and boas as they prepare for their Mardi-Paws portraits.

We love to share the fun pets have at our daycare parties, which is why we always take tons of photos and post the action on our social media pages. This time, pets will pose in a prime spot on our decorative parade float. Photos will be posted to our Facebook page that day as well as to our Shutterfly account, where you can also see photos from our previous parties.

Staff will be ready to party with your furry family member during group or private play sessions and treat your pup to homemade beignet bone snacks. In keeping with popular Mardi-Gras traditions, pet guests will chase down lucky Frisbees during our pancake prosperity toss, and at the end of the day will take home a gift fit for kings and queens.

Make sure your pet doesn’t miss out on all of the
Mardi-Paws excitement! Remember to dress your pet in Mardi Gras attire. If you do not have anything for your pooch to wear, don’t worry, we have decorative attire at Morris Animal Inn. Call us today at 973-539-0377 to reserve your pet a spot. 

The snow won't get us down! Please note, if there is inclement weather, the alternate Mardi-Paws gathering will be on Wednesday, March 12th. We will announce any rescheduling on Monday, March 3rd. The party will go on!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Behind the Scenes at Morris Animal Inn

At Morris Animal Inn, we love to talk about all the fun your pets have while staying with us. Just as important, however, is making sure they stay safe and healthy. We encourage owners to always consider their pet’s well-being, which is why our facility is specifically designed for your pet’s safety.

Take a tour behind the scenes of our state-of-the-art facility to learn more about what sets us apart, and what we do every day to ensure the best quality care for your pet.

Cleaning: We use the safest cleaning products to disinfect all suites and surfaces throughout the facility. Lodging staff ensures that each pet has a clean and comfortable area to call their own during their stay.

Emergency Preparation: The sun never sets on Morris Animal Inn! We have total generator backup just in case the power goes out, the latest sprinkler systems for fire safety and around-the-clock video surveillance. To make sure that our guests are resting comfortably and feel right at home, our staff also performs bedtime checks on each and every pet.

Training: Our excellent safety record and the quality care that pets receive at Morris Animal Inn are possible thanks to our many devoted pet technicians. Our staff members are some of the best trained in the industry; they are always looking to learn and continue to study best practices. We are incredibly proud of the number of staff who have earned multiple levels of certification through Outstanding Pet Care Learning Center, as well as our staff who are Pet First Aid and CPR certified.

Family: Perhaps the most influential part of Morris Animal Inn’s background is the four generations of family members behind it. Our staff is proud to be part of a business that has been family owned and operated for over fifty years, and we care for pets each day knowing that we are doing our part to further that legacy.

There are many steps we take to ensure your pet’s safety, but perhaps the most important is what you can do before bringing your pet to visit us. We require current vaccinations for all pets in our care in order to make sure they stay happy and healthy. Visit our website for detailed information about required dog vaccines and cat vaccines, and feel free to call us at 973-539-0377 or stop by for a tour to see for yourself the love, detail and attention that go into caring for pets every day at Morris Animal Inn.

Friday, February 14, 2014

What do dogs and cats REALLY think about humans?

You come home after a long day and are greeted by your pet. How do they say hello? Many dog owners can cite tails of dogs jumping for joy at the sight of them, while some cat owners may report a quick, affectionate brush against their ankle. These different behaviors often leave us wondering – what do our pets think when they see or hear us?

A new study conducted at the University of Helsinki may tell us more about how dogs see their humans. The study presented dogs with photos of both familiar and unfamiliar human and dog faces and recorded the dogs’ responses. Participating dogs scanned familiar faces much longer than those they did not recognize, indicating that they have the ability to distinguish between faces AND that they actually enjoy it.

These dogs had not been trained to recognize faces, and yet they seemed eager to complete the task. Our pups really can recognize us, and do look forward to seeing us each day!

As for cats, a study out of the University of Tokyo confirmed that our favorite felines can distinguish their owner’s voice from another human’s voice. However, the question remains as to whether or not they will react. Historically, cats have become less domesticated than dogs, which explains why they act more independent. The independent cat is less likely to respond to their owner’s call then a dog is, and may not even see their owner as a human at all.

That’s right, yet another recent study tells us that cats see their owners as, well, big cats. In his new book, Cat Sense, Dr. John Bradshaw explains that cats, though fiercely independent, connect to their owners because they see them as the “mama cat.” This is why a cat is prone to leap into freshly cleaned laundry or onto the table as you unpack groceries; as you put things down, your cat thinks you are providing them with something.

So dogs can recognize our faces, and cats think of us as big, goofy cats. In any case, we’re happy they consider us a part of the family!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

National Pet Dental Health Month - FREE Teeth Brushing

For most humans, we have a set routine each day for our mornings and evenings. We change our clothes, wash our face and brush our teeth for fresh breath and a healthy smile. But how many of us can say we have a similar teeth brushing routine for our dog or cat?

“Oral disease is the most frequently diagnosed health problem for pets,” according to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), who says that the disease affects 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats by age three. This widespread pet health problem means that recognizing February as National Pet Dental Health Month is more important than ever.

Problems with your pet’s teeth start with plaque buildup, which then can become covered by tartar. As more plaque builds on top of the tartar, the teeth themselves become weak and can potentially fall out. Bacteria that build up underneath this plaque and tartar can also affect your pet’s kidney, liver and heart heath, along with causing them significant pain while eating.

So how do you know if your pet’s tooth health is on the decline? “The easiest way is to take a whiff of the breath,” says Dr. Jan Bellows, president of the American Veterinary Dental Society. If your dog or cat has consistently bad breath, this is a primary indicator that something is going on. Other signs include frequent pawing or rubbing at their face or mouth, a reluctance to eat hard foods, red swollen gums or brown teeth.

The best and most effective “treatment” for oral disease, however, is prevention. Regular teeth brushings and dental checks will help prevent your pet from exhibiting any of these symptoms and keep them healthy and happy.

In recognition of National Pet Dental Health Month, we are offering a FREE teeth brushing with any Lodging, Grooming or Daycare appointment at Morris Animal Inn. Redeem your free coupon offer in our February newsletter, here.