Friday, July 7, 2017

Share or Not Share Your Bed with Your Dog?

Pets are part of the family. But does that mean all family members should share the same bed?

The AKC found that 21% of dog owners let their dogs sleep with them to help keep them warm. They also learned that those who do let their dogs sleep with them have less room in bed for themselves because the dog takes up more space.

While it can be fun and comforting to cuddle with your pet, if your dog is taking up more space than you are, you might not be getting as good a night’s sleep as you should. You also need to be sure that your dog isn’t carrying any fleas or ticks, or that a small dog won’t be injured. Train your dog early on whether you want them to sleep with you or not ... otherwise they just might start telling you where YOU are going to sleep. 

If you decide against letting your dog sleep with you, you can teach your dog to stay off and go to their own bed. This will take some time, patience, and plenty of treats. You’ll need to lure your dog to his bed into a down position, give the bed a name, such as bed, and reward the dog when he lies down. You can get the detailed instructions from the AKC. This can be helpful in keeping your dog off of other furniture, as well.

Make sure though, that your dog’s bed is special for him, comfortable, and warm, with some great toys, so that he’ll want to go there.

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