Friday, October 8, 2010

Dog Training 101

Is your dog perfect? Does he greet strangers politely, obey your every command and walk gracefully on a leash? If you thought, "Heck no!", then dog training might be worth considering.

Aside from gaining a manageable dog you can be proud of, dog training can strengthen the bond between you and your pet. By training a dog, you are giving him a job, and a dog with a job is a happy dog! It's instinctual to many breeds of dogs to expect and enjoy being asked to perform kill two birds with one stone by taking the time to learn more about your training options.

Training philosophies run the gamut, but Morris Animal Inn is of the school of thought that training should be a fun and positive experience that a dog is happy to engage in. Training may be introduced at nearly any point in a dog's life (yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks!). It's important to remember, however, that your expectations for each dog should be different. A dog's age, breed, size, health and personality will dictate how they will respond to training, their strengths, and their challenges. As long as progress is being made and you and your dog enjoy the process, training is a worthwhile activity.

Some of the basic components of dog training include commands and leash manners. In any basic training program, such as Morris Animal Inn's Lodge & Learn program,  you can expect lessons on the come, sit, stay and heel commands, as well as walking nicely on a leash (more on this later). Mastery of these skills will take repetition, rewards and respect. (Mastery meaning your dog will sit patiently when guests come over or when other dogs are around, not just when in a quiet room with no distractions.) But by having the ability to control your dog's behavior, you will be much more at ease with your dog both inside and outside the home. If you and your dog enjoy training, you might want to consider more advanced options offered at training facilities like Morris K9 Campus.

Not sure if training is right for you or your dog? Start with Morris Animal Inn's Lodge & Learn program, a regimen for dogs whose owners want them to master the basics. Drop off your dog at the place you know and trust, and leave the rest to us! Each dog will receive a pre-training questionnaire, balanced training focused on positive reinforcement, recreation sessions, business walks, gourmet treat, certificate of completion and training equipment for use at home. For just $99/day plus boarding, you can't go wrong!

Please call us at 973.539.0377 if you'd like to book or for more information.

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