Thursday, July 21, 2011

Seat Belt Safety - It's a Dog Issue Too!

Photo Courtesy of Emdot
Nothing spells carefree better than the image of a dog sticking its head out the window of a car and their ears flapping in the wind.

Safety First!
Though it may seem sad to harness and buckle your dog into the car, thus preventing the sensory overload they so dearly enjoy, the alternative outcomes are not in your fuzzy pal’s best interest or yours. Keep your pup as safe as you would your child!

Shopping for a Seat Belt
Luckily for us, nowadays, not only does every car come equipped with seat belts unlike your Grandpa’s stories of the old wide Lincoln with nary a buckle in sight, but there are a myriad of seat belt options for your canine companion as well. From harnesses to buckles to booster seats for little ones and even crates, there are many selections designed to keep a dog of any size safe and secure. Companies like Doctors Foster and Smith, Petedge, and offer quality dog seat belts.

Buckle Up!
Seat belt safety has long been an important issue in regards to children and adults. The second we get into the car, we ask the pivotal question, “Is everyone buckled up?” You would never let your child hang their head out the window of your car, with no constraints to hold them in. That is reckless, neglectful and dangerous. Why should it be any different when it comes to your fur child? Not only can things get in your dog's eyes when they lean out of the window, but if you are forced to stop short, your dog, if small enough, can fall out or jump out. Your dog can also become a projectile if you are forced to slam on the brakes too quickly. Many dogs would love to be the hood ornament on the front of the car and if given free rein of the vehicle, they can easily get in the way and be as distracting, if not more so than talking on the cell phone. Airbags also pose another risk for smaller, more delicate canines sitting in the passenger seat and when inflated, can seriously injure your pooch. We understand you can’t ask Fido to buckle up, so why don’t you strap Fido in yourself? 


  1. I think of my dogs as part of my own family. Axel and Wrex have been with me since I was 10, and as we grew older, we grew inseparable! Every time my wife and I go out for a recreational drive, we would have Axel and Wrex in tow. And like we do ourselves, we also buckle them in so that they can stay safe should we get in an accident. Though there have been studies that say that dog seatbelts aren’t as effective as they seem, it’s still better than nothing.

    Thelma Bowman

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