Monday, July 14, 2014

New Study Suggests Dogs Find Kennels Exciting, Not Stressful

A dog "kennel" is slowly becoming an archaic term.  As the pet care industry continues to transform, your pet may now spend his or her time lodging at a pet resort while you're away.  A dog is happier and healthier with a vast amount of amenities, high levels of physical activity and interaction, and new research proves that leaving your dog in a facility's care, like Morris Animal Inn, may not be as nerve-racking as you think!

A recent study found that dogs that spend a short-time boarding may not find it overly stressful and in fact, could find the change of scenery very exciting! This directly contradicts previous research. The dogs that were researched had higher levels of arousal, colder noses and were generally more active than when they were at home.

From swimming, to group play, to treadmill and trail runs, new and exciting activities for your dog while at a pet resort like Morris Animal Inn, continue to prove that your dog can have as much fun as you do while you're on vacation, and all while staying happy and healthy.

Photo credit: Aaron Houston


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  1. While I was not surprised by the conclusion of the linked study, I was disappointed by the study itself. The very premise of the study – that dogs will have more anxiety at a lodging facility – is based on the old notion of a kennel where dogs are warehoused rather than the modern overnight care facility such as Morris Animal Inn or our own Pet Camp, where dogs often get more time to play and romp then they would at home. It seems a shame that we, as an industry, are forced to rely on study of 29 dogs at a single lodging facility in Northern Ireland, rather than having a broader study performed in the United States at modern lodging facilities. This seems like the kind of study that all well run overnight and day care facilities would benefit from having performed.