Friday, February 27, 2015

7 Roles Dogs Play in Your Life

Who's ready for some warmer weather? Is your dog's coat shedding? We've heard that means spring is coming! In midst of the cold, we thought we'd write a short, sweet and heartwarming post. There's nothing like the special bond we share with our pets.  Dogs play many roles in our lives and we thought we may share some that every pet parent can relate to.

1. Your Alarm Clock. "I've missed you so much all night I couldn't hold it in any longer! Please get up and play or feed me. I'm hungry!" Chances are you've been awakened by a wet nose, some slobbery kisses or a paw to the face. All part of the doggy alarm technique. Most dogs don't hesitate to let us know when they think it's time to get up and start the day. While it may not be the best way to be awakened, it is pretty endearing.

2. Your Personal Trainer. "Can we go for a walk now? What about now? How about a run?  I'm going to keep asking until you stop watching TV. Oh, you looked at me! That means it's working. I told you I'm going to keep asking until you...oh you're getting up. Yay let's go outside!" Did you know pet owners tend to be more fit and active than non pet owners? Dogs help us get moving, even in the freezing cold or pouring rain.

3. Your Neighborhood Watch and Home Security. "Woof! The guy across the street is home! Woof! The pizza is here! Woof! Squirrel! Woof Woof Woof! The Mailman is approaching!" Whether we like it or not, many dogs tend to be vocal about what's going on outside their house. The good thing? They watch your house for free and burglars aren't too fond of barking dogs.

4. Your Doctor. "I know you are sick, so I am going to try to refrain from ripping these tissues up all over the house." Owning a dog might be the best medicine! It's been said they lower blood pressure and cholesterol, soothe pain, so dogs can help us live longer and healthier lives. On days you do happen to be a little under the weather, they also make great snuggle buddies.

5. Your Phone Maintenance. "I am only smiling because I expect to be compensated for all the Facebook and Instagram likes you are going to get!" Our pets adorable faces keep us always aware if our phones might need some maintenance. From your battery, to your WiFi and picture uploading status to your storage usage, your dog's mere presence helps keep your technology in top condition!
6. Your Therapist. "A penny for your thoughts...actually I'll just take a treat instead...or a belly rub." They make us laugh. They listen to our problems. They listen to our secrets. Pets have also be known to ease stress, calm our nerves, help with depression and overall make us happier. How's that for therapy? It's the best and fuzziest kind!

7. Your Nutritionist. "Are you going to eat that?  Are you sure?  What about that bite? Can I have some? That looks delicious. Are you sure you shouldn't be sharing with me? That looks like a lot for you." Every snack you make. Every meal you bake. Every bite you take. They are watching you. And sometimes you feel guilty. And sometimes you give them some of your meal. See? Your dog is helping you eat less.

Next time you see your dog, be sure to thank them for all the jobs they do for you! For if it weren't for the wake up kisses, the long walks, the barks, the snuggling, the selfies, the laughter and the adorable begging, our hearts might be a little empty.

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