Sunday, October 4, 2015

Man's Best Friend

Dogs have long been referred to as "man's best friend," and rightfully so. They love us unconditionally, follow us without question, and are loyal without fault. Their ability to be companions, listeners, cuddlers, and kissers when we need them most has given them this very fitting title. 

Josh Billings, a 19th century writer, says it simply: "A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself." 

                     How dogs became our best friends
Dogs have been our companions since being domesticated thousands of years ago. They are said to have been descended from wolves. Early humans would discard leftover food, and these wolves would boldly scavenge for their scraps.Over many generations they become closer and less weary of the people that fed them, thus creating a bond and trust between human and canine. 

History isn't the only factor that connects us to our dogs. Scientists have found that dog owners experience a rush of oxytocin when they gaze into their pet's eyes, and the animals mirror this as well. Oxytocin is a hormone that is also seen in mothers when they look into their children's eyes. It is what drives mothers to be maternal and bond with their babies. This release of oxytocin in pet owners help strengthen the bond they have with their dogs. 

Why a dog is a perfect companion
There are many benefits to the companionship that comes with owning a dog. Some of the physical benefits include lower cholesterol levels, decrease in blood pressure and stress, and an increase in physical activity. 

Dogs also enhance our lives emotionally. Pet owners feel safer and less anxious. Dogs also help us relax and decrease feelings of loneliness. Dogs provide us with consistency. Owning a pet allows us to feel needed, and gives us something to look forward to every day. 

How to be a better friend to your dog 
It's important to make the effort to be as good of a friend to your dog as they are to you. Dogs bring so much joy and love to our lives, and its only right that we celebrate them as much as we can. 

One way to say thank you to your best friend is by giving them treats that they love. Offering up a favorite food as a special surprise will make your dog extra happy. Just make sure that treats are no more than 10% of your dog's daily calories, and do your best to provide treats with only healthy ingredients. 

Another way to bond with your buddy is to snuggle. Not only will this be therapeutic for you, but it will also bring comfort to your pup. Canines crave contact, so cuddle with your dog every chance you get to increase your bond. 

Being groomed and brushed is actually a very enjoyable thing for most dogs. Brushing is not only a way to keep your dog's coat healthy, it acts as a sensory treat to your dog's skin, allowing them to relax and relieve stress. Much like we enjoy a long massage at the spa, your dog would love to get pampered at our grooming salon.  

Socializing your dog with other dogs is a great way to keep your companion happy. Provide your pup with opportunities to run and play with other dogs. Dogs are very social creatures, so encourage fun and healthy interactions.

There is no other bond quite like the one we have with "man's best friend." Morris Animal Inn knows the important role that our dogs play in our lives. Our facility is staffed with animal lovers, and we go above and beyond to give your pet the best care possible .We offer private and group daycare. We also provide a variety of pet services in our grooming salon, including nail trims, baths, hair cuts, and even facials because we only want the best for your pets. We provide luxury lodging accommodations and offer pampered pet sessions that give your pet the kind of special love and attention your pet deserves. 

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