Friday, February 24, 2017

What is Your Cat Trying to Tell You?

We cat owners know that our cats are intelligent animals, but sometimes we might not be quite so sure what they are trying to tell us.

Does your cat blink when she’s looking at you? That means she trusts you enough to close her eyes because she knows she won’t be attacked. She probably won’t do this if her pupils are very small or very large, though. That would mean that she’s scared or upset about something.

You’ll also know she’s anxious or scared if her tail is tucked down or puffed up—especially if her ears are flat too. If she’s like this, you may want to leave her alone for a little while and let her calm down. Once she’s calm, you may see some signs that she’s in a playful or affectionate mood. Her tail may be straight up, her ears attentive, or she may even let you rub her belly. If she’s being extra affectionate, she’ll knead her paws on you and rub her head on you—marking you as her territory.

And, of course, there’s the “meow.” Cats meow in many different ways, and have learned to do this in order to communicate with us; they don’t naturally meow with each other as a form of communication. They also purr, hiss, growl, chirp, or chatter.

And what cat owner doesn’t meow back at their cat, regardless of whether or not we understand what they are saying?

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